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My wife and I are senior citizens and for the past ten years we have been clients of Fitness 1-2-1.  The experience with our personal trainer Marc Madison has provided each of us with a fitness routine tailored to our needs, personalities, and expectations.  Each private session (my wife and I train separately) is coordinated with the client’s schedule and every accommodation is made to suit respective training times.


The center has a full gym with the latest equipment, and care is taken so that each client has their trainer working beside them to ensure their care and optimum use of the facilities.  There are gender specific lockers and showers and cleanliness within the gym and throughout the facility is a reflection of the care and personal attention that are hallmarks of Fitness 1-2-1.


Marc Madison has vetted each trainer and they are all caring professionals who have years of experience dealing with all age groups and their personal needs.

Fitness 1-2-1 offers clients an enjoyable stress free training environment that is non-judgmental building confidence, mobility and personal achievement.

It’s more than just going to a gym; it’s a lifestyle choice!

Jay and Martee Roman

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